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  • Cross Country runner

    Diercks Earns All-State Honors

    Emily Diercks was nominated for Academic All-State Cross Country team by her coach, Tom Friess. the criteria for the award was as follows:

    • Junior or Senior in school.
    • Un-weighted GPA of 3.75 or higher at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
    • Athlete must finish in the top 30 at the 2019  State Cross Country meet.

    Emily finished 9th at the state cross country meet in November. 

    Congratulations Emily on receiving earning this honor! Indian Pride!

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  • Accountability Reports

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  • Hoxie Sweeps Sharon Springs

    Hoxie boys complete a sweep of the Sharon Springs Wildcats on Tuesday, December 17, with a 76-48  win.  Fear the Spear!!!!!

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    MCL Tournament


    vs. TMP 15-23 L 

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  • Feature image-4


    vs. Ellis

    Castle Rock Classic Championship contest saw Hoxie fall to Ellis in a hotly contested game, 65-67 in O.T.  

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  • Hoxie vs Thunderhawks

    Castle Rock Classic

    Hoxie Indians completed a sweep on the night with a win over the Thunderhawks, 75-47. 

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    Hoxie sent a few wrestlers to Onaga this weekend to wrestle in the Onaga invitational. They sent wrestlers at 106, 132, 152 and girls 136, and 155. Here are the results.   

    106: Tate Weimer (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Tate Weimer (Hoxie) over Theron Meyer (Meriden-Jefferson West) (Dec 6-4) Round 2 – Seth Figge (St. George-Rock Creek) over Tate Weimer (Hoxie) (Fall 2:24) Round 4 – Tate Weimer (Hoxie) over Jacob Dankenbring (Marysville) (Fall 0:00) Round 5 – Tate Weimer (Hoxie) over Trevor Woodward (Burlingame) (Dec 14-9)

    132: Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) – 6th Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) over Garret Johnson (Atchison-Maur Hill-Mount Academy) (Fall 1:50) Round 1 – Garrett Fagar (Burlingame) over Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) (Fall 1:29) Round 2 – Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) received a bye Round 3 – Carter Jensen (Highland-Doniphan West) over Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) (Fall 1:03) 5th Place Match – Ayden Lawrenz (Herington) over Macon Sekavec (Hoxie) (Fall 1:18)

    152: Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) over Colton Scholz (Effingham-Atchison Co Community) (Dec 12-5) Round 2 – Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) over Tabias Ballman (Herington) (Fall 1:27) Round 3 – Kaleb Jackson (St. George-Rock Creek) over Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) (Fall 0:56) Round 4 – Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) over Conner Schmitt (Meriden-Jefferson West) (Fall 3:27) Round 5 – Ben Aumiller (Hoxie) over Nick Thompson (Onaga) (MD 15-2)

    Girls 136: Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) over Abbi Clark (St. George-Rock Creek) (Fall 4:00) Round 2 – Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) over Jaden Shaffer (Burlingame) (For.) Round 3 – Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) over Morgyn Baker (Burlingame) (Fall 3:41) Round 4 – Gianna Culbert (Burlingame) over Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) (Fall 2:35) Round 5 – Marissa Porsch (Hoxie) over Montana Grahem (Meriden-Jefferson West) (Fall 2:46)

    Girls 155: Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) – 3rd Round 2 – Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) over Alyssa Troyer (St. George-Rock Creek) (Fall 2:53) Round 3 – Morgan Mayginnes (Onaga) over Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) (Fall 0:46) Round 4 – Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) over Jada Anderson (Meriden-Jefferson West) (Fall 1:02) Round 5 – Allison King (Oskaloosa) over Ashlyn Kaus (Hoxie) (Fall 0:45)

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  • Aidan wins his semifinal match

    Clay Center Tournament

    Varsity Wrestling Results

    106: Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) over Gavin Moore (Nickerson) (Dec 9-7) Round 2 – Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) over Isaac Martinez (Salina-South) (Fall 3:35) Round 3 – Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) over Ian Detimore (Marysville) (Fall 1:16) Round 4 – Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) over Tyler Fief (Riley County) (Dec 8-5) 1st Place Match – Rhett Koppes (Clay Center Community) over Wayne Shepard (Hoxie) (Fall 1:38)

    113: Dayton Bell (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Dayton Bell (Hoxie) over Tristen Schaefer (Marysville) (Fall 0:19) Round 2 – Dayton Bell (Hoxie) over Nichole Moore (Nickerson) (Dec 3-2) Round 4 – Dayton Bell (Hoxie) over Mason Bahnmaier (Perry-Lecompton) (Fall 2:26) Round 5 – Jake Barnes (Holton) over Dayton Bell (Hoxie) (Fall 3:33)

    120: Drew Bretz (Hoxie) – 1st Round 1 – Drew Bretz (Hoxie) over Lucas Adcock (Holton) (MD 13-2) Round 2 – Drew Bretz (Hoxie) over JR Thelwell (Riley County) (Fall 2:00) Round 3 – Drew Bretz (Hoxie) over Kai Barton (Marysville) (Fall 3:14) 1st Place Match – Drew Bretz (Hoxie) over Garett Kalivoda (Clay Center Community) (Fall 1:19)

    126: Drew Bell (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Drew Bell (Hoxie) over Wyatt Varner (Clay Center Community) (Fall 0:38) Round 2 – Drew Bell (Hoxie) over Justice Gardner (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) (Fall 3:13) Round 4 – Drew Bell (Hoxie) over Marc Alfaro (El Dorado) (Fall 0:36) Round 5 – Drew Bell (Hoxie) over Cayden Jackson (Holton) (Fall 0:51) 1st Place Match – Alyeus Craig (Valley Center) over Drew Bell (Hoxie) (Fall 1:16)

    132: Derek Johnson (Hoxie) – 1st Round 2 – Derek Johnson (Hoxie) over Isaac Novotny (Marysville) (Dec 4-2) Round 3 – Derek Johnson (Hoxie) over Gage Cooper (Nickerson) (Fall 0:37) Round 4 – Derek Johnson (Hoxie) over Justin Zwigart (Salina-South) (Fall 3:19) Round 5 – Derek Johnson (Hoxie) over Nolan Bevin (Valley Center) (Fall 1:40) 1st Place Match – Derek Johnson (Hoxie) over Parker Tholstrup (Clay Center Community) (Dec 8-2)

    138: Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) – 2nd Round 1 – Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) over Cayden Gilbert (El Dorado) (Fall 1:55) Round 2 – Quentin Kirk (Valley Center) over Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) (Fall 4:00) Round 3 – Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) over Brogan Isley (Nickerson) (Fall 3:45) Round 4 – Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) over Isaiah Johnson (Clay Center Community) (Fall 3:12) Round 5 – Ryan Shaw (Hoxie) over Conner Gilliland (Holton) (M. For.)

    152: Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) – 1st Round 1 – Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) over Brett Loader (Clay Center Community) (MD 14-5) Round 2 – Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) over Austin Sharp (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) (Fall 0:15) Round 4 – Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) over Adam Kimball (El Dorado) (Fall 2:48) Round 5 – Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) over Keegan Caudillo (Marysville) (Fall 1:14) 1st Place Match – Aidan Baalman (Hoxie) over Caleb Copeland (Salina-South) (Dec 13-6)

    160: Andrew Foote (Hoxie) – 3rd Quarterfinals – Andrew Foote (Hoxie) over Mitchell Root (Perry-Lecompton) (Fall 3:42) Semifinals – Derek Wallin (Alma-Wabaunsee) over Andrew Foote (Hoxie) (Dec 2-1) Round 2 – Andrew Foote (Hoxie) over Samson Waggoner (Riley County) (Fall 1:15) Round 3 – Andrew Foote (Hoxie) over Austin Brandt (Clay Center Community) (Fall 1:10) 3rd Place Match – Andrew Foote (Hoxie) over Chad Bannig (Valley Center) (Fall 4:14)

    182: Donovan Balluch (Hoxie) – 3rd Round 1 – Alex Yott (Nickerson) over Donovan Balluch (Hoxie) (Fall 0:46) Round 2 – Donovan Balluch (Hoxie) over Brock Schell (El Dorado) (Fall 1:24) Round 3 – Dax Hopp (Lindsborg-Smoky Valley) over Donovan Balluch (Hoxie) (Fall 1:11) Round 5 – Donovan Balluch (Hoxie) over Carson Kraus (Valley Center) (Fall 2:15)

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  • Food Drive

    Hoxie’s KAY and FCCLA has decided to sponsor a food drive and cash fund raiser in order to get families food they may need for the holidays; any cash will be submitted to an organization.  They have created a class competition between the high school.  The winning class with the most point by December 13 will win a pizza party.  Items can be dropped of in boxes placed in class sponsors rooms.  All items must be counted in original package and can’t be broken down for extra points.  If there are any further questions please ask Mrs. Beiker, Zoe Gregory, or Jaylei Sloan.

    Food Drive

    November 25 - December 13

    Double Points on cans will run November 26 and December 10.

    Double Points on cash will run December 11 and 12.

    5 Points-

    Canned meat

    Regular size cereal

    Velveeta cheese blocks


    Peanut butter

    Canned meat


    3 Points-

    Canned vegetables/fruits

    Canned soup

    Hamburger/chicken/tuna helper


    Hygiene items

    Dried Fruit

    Parmesan cheese

    1 Point-

    Ramen noodles

    Fruit cup

    Jell-O cup

    Pudding cup

    Cash ($1=1pt)

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