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HTV Advertisement Packages

Commercials, billboards, and crawls, oh my!

Hoxie Television is now airing your advertisements and announcements!  These messages may be for business or fun.  The choice is yours.  We offer four methods to get the word out:  a text crawl, a billboard, a commercial, or a sponsorship.


Type Rate Limitations Lead
text crawl $1/day + 1¢ per char over limit 140 characters same hour
billboard $1.50/day/page 1920x1080 resolution, 15s 1 week
commercial $10/week/30s 30/60 seconds 1 month
sponsorship $5/week mentioned 3x per game n/a


Text Crawl

Text crawls are the words which scroll along the bottom of the television screen.  You may have seen them on news channels reporting current events during a broadcast or on local channels during school outage reports.  Our crawl is white text on a red background.  This does not change.  There are no other formatting options.  (In other words, our crawl has no bold, no italics, and no underline.)  But don't let that stop you from wishing someone a Happy Anniversary.  Let everyone know about your "this weekend only" sale.  Announce the birth of your granddaughter or nephew.  The possibilities are endless!

You may rent space on this crawl for a $1 a day per 140 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols).  There is an additional one cent charge for every character over the 140 character limit.  Text crawls may be displayed within the same hour of the request, if so desired.  In such cases of immediate broadcast, the customer will be charged for a full day.  Space is literally limited, so reserve your text crawl today!


A billboard is a static image that will play in rotation throughout any given day.  Each billboard will display for 15 seconds.  You may have as much text and pictures that will fit in a 1920x1080 pixel image.  (Note:  Though our equipment plays high definition images, the broadcast resolution is actually 720x480.)  You may make the billboard up yourself, but our students would be more than happy to do it for you (and learn a few things along the way)!  You only need to submit the information and/or media and we'll take care of the rest.  Sound or music is not necessary, but it sure adds a nice touch.  We can do that for you as well at no extra charge.  Go ahead-- you know you've been wanting to get rid of that boat which is taking up space in your garage. Advertise it on HTV!

You may rent billboard time for $1.50 per day per page.  There is no cost to you for our students to make up your billboard.  All we ask is for you give us a week lead time to make your billboards before they are ready to air.  If you'd like to expedite your broadcast, a flat $10 fee will apply on top of your daily broadcast charge.


Text crawls and billboards are all good, but commercials are where its at!  We're talking 30 or 60 full seconds of video, not just still images. Let your imagination go wild! Our students will work with you closely to deliver the message you want to give your customers about your business.

Commercials take a bit of time, so we ask for a month's notice before they are ready to air. If you'd like your commercial to air for a week before Valentine's Day, for example, let us know the first week of January. Again, having our students create your commercial does not cost you any more than the standard rate. Their reward is knowledge. However, you may submit a commercial you have made yourself or hired someone else to create.

The cost to air a commercial is $10 per 30 seconds of commercial per week.  There is a one week minimum air time.  You can choose to have a full-lenth, 60 second commercial, or an abbreviated 30 second commercial.


This is possibly your best bang for your buck.  With game sponsorship, you pay a flat rate and your business is mentioned three times for each game we tape and air for an entire week.  This could be one game, but it could be three or more as well!  As you may know, we don't just broadcast a game once or twice a week.  It plays over and over for several weeks, making it more likely that your name will be mentioned and seen!  If you have an official logo, we can display that as well.  What a deal!  Space may be limited, so don't wait.

Sponsorships can be had for $5 per week.

Decision Time

At this point, you may be thinking, "Is it really worth it?"  Here are some points to consider:

  • All proceeds go back into the audio-visual club, thereby increasing the quality of HTV programming, making your viewing experience better, increasing viewership, and helping students learn valuable, real-world skills.
  • Television is more pervasive than print media, meaning that people watching HTV are more likely to see your advertisement than one you've put in a newspaper.
  • HTV is viewed in every town in which Nex-tech has service.  Your advertisement will be reaching over a dozen communities.  This may very well be more than any single area radio station.

The obvious answer is, "Yes, an advertisement on Hoxie Television is well worth it!"  So get your business in gear by contacting us today!



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All materials submitted must be original works or free of copyright restrictions. The owner of the work will retain all rights.  All materials will be reviewed for appropriate content before being aired.

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